Corporate Responsibility

SSD Calton Trading Pty, Corporate Responsibility guides all operational and business decisions to assure that we are operating ethically and in a transparent and accountable way.

We believe that it is our responsibility to utilize our operational and technical knowledge to take actions that are protective of human health and the environment, as well as, the safety of our workforce, even if those actions are not necessarily required under applicable laws or regulations.

We take our responsibility to operate in an ethical and legal manner in all spheres of our business very seriously. Every team member is thoroughly trained on our Code of Conduct and associated ethics and compliance programs, with regular refresher training on crucial aspects.

In addition, open, honest and effective communication with our team members and other stakeholders is a critical part of our corporate culture. Treating our team members, neighbors, public interest groups, governmental agencies and customers with respect and courtesy and serving as a valuable asset to every community where we have a business presence are core values at SSD Calton Trading Pty.

Code of Conduct

SSD Calton Trading Pty, is committed to the ethical conduct of all team members, whether they are part of the management team or the manufacturing team.

By joining the Central Traders Team, we have each made a commitment to act ethically and to lead with integrity. This commitment is embedded in the “Water Treatment and Testing Solutions,” a commitment to a core set of principles centered on integrity, competence, respect and fairness. Our Code of Ethical Conduct in the Workplace shows us how to uphold this commitment as we interact with the various groups that have a stake in our Company’s success.

Our Commitment to Our Fellow Team Members

We treat one another fairly and with respect, valuing the talents, experiences and strengths of our diverse workforce.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

We maintain the trust of our customers, providing the best products on the market and adhering to honest, ethical, and legal practices in all that we do.

Our Commitment to the Marketplace

We deal fairly with our business partners and suppliers, acting ethically and upholding the law in everything we do.

Our Commitment to Our Company

We act honestly and transparently at all times to keep our Company safe and strong.

Our Commitment to Our Communities

We comply with all applicable laws, protecting our natural resources and supporting the communities where we live, work and do business.